Keeping your HVAC business healthy

 Keeping your HVAC business healthy and growing means consistently finding new leads interested in what you do. But, you may not have time for finding new leads other than referrals from your existing customers. Like any business, you lose customers for various reasons – because they move out of the area, decide to bring HVAC maintenance in-house, or other circumstances change. To help your business stay profitable when customers leave, you need to find new prospects in your local area who are interested in your HVAC services.

Is PPC Digital Marketing?

PPC is a form of digital marketing using paid ads to drive leads to your landing pages to convert.

Let’s unpack that a bit. PPC is a type of paid ad that appears on search engines. If someone clicks on the ad, you pay a predetermined fee.

Leads are people who click on your PPC ad after searching for HVAC companies.

A landing page is the destination page that is linked to the PPC ad. After clicking on your ad, the searcher lands on the page (hence landing page).

In some ways, this is similar to traditional ads where you advertise on TV, and viewers call for a quote. The differences are that PPC ads are more cost-effective and that you can track people’s behavior after clicking.

The goal for PPC ads is to convert leads to giving you their contact information in exchange for receiving valuable content or another free gift. Once you have their contact information, you can start a relationship that results in adding them to your customer list. Most of this can be done automatically, without your active input. Then, you can spend your time where most needed, working on your core business, selling and maintaining HVAC systems.

Working with a Professional HVAC Marketer

Digital PPC advertising can become time-consuming and confusing, especially if you are working with it for the first time. Working with a digital marketing agency experienced in the HVAC industry will give you the best work balance. They will handle the marketing details and you can focus on working with the resulting qualified leads.


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